Princes of the Apocalypse (TN 5e)

Minions and Minotaurs

The Sacred Stone Monastery Encounter Part 1

Replete with the proper deeds to our land, we set out to evict the squatters in the monastery of the valley.

We arrived to find the gates closed and no one available for interview. Zook decided to investigate the roof to see if he could find an open hatch to penetrate. Tharkun used his bedeviling magicks to undo the locks on the main gate and the group entered. We were almost immediately beset be monk squatters. They rushed us and in no time Thought Chaser and Lord Stoneweaver had made paste of them. The monks were reinforced, but what I can only guess were their pets, a group of minotaurs. My brother and I locked them down in fierce combat in the hallway, as the rest of the party shifted nimbly through a parallel room to flank them and attack.

The labyrinthine beasts were subdued and we preceded into an antechamber of some kind. In here, living statues of gruesome creatures took to life and attacked us. Their forms now, but shattered rocks, we stand before a pair large bronzed doors.


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