Princes of the Apocalypse (TN 5e)

Tharkun's Memoirs...10

We opened the doors into the great hall and I instantly threw up my wind wall and we rushed in. The guards went thru my wall softening themselves up for the others. I focused on what appeared to be a priest and struck him for some heavy damage as he used a lever on a wall near him. It opened a trap door in the floor and released what I believe was an Umberhulk. It was very large. After taking some hits from the guards as I went past them the Priest ran and hid in the basement under the trapdoor and I ran and closed it. We finished off the guards and went into what was a dining hall then a kitchen. We finished off some cultists and decided instead of pressing the advantage to hole up and rest in what was a bathing room. We expect heavy resistance when we emerge. A side note the simple brother did it again as he egged on and the gnome rider to try and mount the Umberhulk. I find myself looking at our imperious leader when these things happen and it seems he is actually enjoying these moments. Sigh…


Nutthouse13 EricScott927

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