Princes of the Apocalypse (TN 5e)

Tharkun's Memoirs...11

The big fight we were expecting never happened as we explored the rooms and fought what was probably left of the guards. Either everyone is hiding somewhere or they probably fled. We found all the rooms locked which was no problem for our Gnome Rider until we came to a door he could not open. I got to try for the first time my knock spell which worked perfectly but I wish it had not. The room we entered had the figure of a tall gaunt what we thought was an alchemist. He told us to leave him to his work and get out or we would die. Well the second to last act of our fearless gnome rider was to reply by shooting him with his crossbow and that is when the Lich turned around and man we should have heeded him but our fearless leader and Holy Dwarf Priest probably would not have left anyway as they are who they are and he is a Lich. He hit us with some noxious cloud which was very deadly. We hit hit him back with some very nasty damage and I believe we hurt him. I did not want to but I felt I might help the others by staying up so after my attack of a deadly missile barrage I fled the room. That’s all I remember as I awoke and found some of the others moving. We gathered our comrades and left to regroup. The near death experience was too much for our Gnome rider as he decided to go in a different direction than us. Strangely I will kind of miss him. Who knows what it will do to the Simple brother as I feel that a major source of distraction and entertainment is now missing from his simple life.


Nutthouse13 EricScott927

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