Princes of the Apocalypse (TN 5e)

Tharkun's Memoirs...8

Waterdeep a city full of intrigue and a cacophony of smells. It was good to be back. We all went shopping and our Imperious leader bought us mounts. I received a beautiful riding horse. The brothers all got Elephants. I do not look forward to riding behind them not at all. The prices for things were at an all time high and it seemed that Waterdeep merchants were not in the mood for dickering.

I spent some time scouring the library for anything on the cult to no avail. I also gave our Gnome $200 in gold to spread around to try and find out if there was any news of the brothers mishap and he said that after much investigating he could find nothing. I was shocked as he actually gave me back some of my gold. I might have been better off getting stone cold drunk off my arse than giving him so much gold but I feel that at least I tried to help.

Well we are done here and it is back to our quickly growing and expanding kingdom. I should mention that we may have to check for nests all around our land a it seems to be infested with some kind of large burrowing creatures and got attacked by Pertyons.


Nutthouse13 EricScott927

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