Princes of the Apocalypse (TN 5e)

Tharkun's Memoirs...9

Well I maintain that it is our imperious Leaders way of keeping me out in front because after travelling for a time, as I predicted, I will not be riding in back of the brothers or their Elephants. We will not be travelling in secret anymore. My blind, legless uncle could track us and hes been dead 20 years. We arrived at the next fortress although priory is a more apt name, and our little acrobat and rider of anything that moves, was boosted to the roof by the simple brother. I have noted that he really seems to enjoy antagonizing our gnome into reckless situations. Since our locksmith was busy elsewhere I got the opportunity to try a new spell and used it to unlock the front door. Thanks to our locksmith who was alerting everyone inside to our presence we were greeted by the local welcoming committee just inside the foyer .

We made short work of them and cleared the hallway with doors to our right. Some of the party wisely was watching our flank as more committee attacked our rear. We entered a main hall with more double doors and were greeted by Gargoyles. Now we are about to enter what seems a large hall. I will say this about our imperious Leader he always shows you a good time…


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