Gauthak "Skull Crusher" Vei-mei Laga


“Skull Smasher” looked up to his brothers, especially Ilikani (Eldest) and wanted to follow a similar path, knowing one day he could lead the family.

But “Skull Smasher” is a bit more hot-tempered then Eldest and felt he was pushed to be more of a competitor, feeling that life is a test, and he want to be the best he can be. He constantly challenging others to contests and looking for ways to measure himself against them. But “Skull Smasher” was a huge Risk-taker. When something seems dangerous or impossible, he want to test myself against it, just to see if he can do it. Which lead his to the teaching of Tempus, god of war, whereas, Eldest worshiped Ilmater, god of endurance.

“Skull Smasher” went on a personal spirit quest leaving his clan and family to find himself. His journey and his inexperience lead him to the life as a sailor on the ship, “The Vivian”, as a means to survive and to explore the world. On the ship and out at sea he constantly felt that he was tested, whether it was by the storms, crew, or by pirates. One thing that the captain of the ship, believed in was fairness. We all do the work, so we all share in the rewards. which quickly came to respect since Goliath’s believe in fair play as well. “Skull Smasher” was quickly moving up in the ranks of the ship.

On the night of the clan attack, “Skull Smasher” was out to sea on “The Vivian”, which was too attacked by ruthless pirates, whom were on the ship known as the “Dragon’s Fury”, that murdered his captain and crew mates, plundered the ship, and left him to die. “Skull Smasher” was rescued by a passing ship a few days later.

Upon returning to land, “Skull Smasher” came to hear the news of the attack wiping out his clan. He believes that these attacks were orchestrated by evil Deities mingle in his clan’s destiny. “Skull Smasher” has swore vengeance for his clan and the crew on “The Vivian”. He also has no idea that his 3 elder brothers are out there searching for him and vengeance for the clan.

Gauthak "Skull Crusher" Vei-mei Laga

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