Kenton Valklondar

Human Male


He about 5’6” around 150 lbs., dingy brown/gray hair, scruffy cloths.

He was a traveler visiting Red Larch about three ten-days ago when a few traveling caravan where here in town. He was a traveling mean-spirited peddler. He tried to make a quick coin, but gave off a bad vibe. He came into town claiming that he saw an ill omen not far from town. Many people did not believe him as they thought he was trying to score a quick scam. He was staying at Mother Yalantha’s when he was in town. He visited the local gathering spots trying to see who he could get a few coin from. He left quickly about a ten-day ago (prior to the PC arriving) and has not heard anything about him since.

Was found dead in the Tomb of Moving Stones with a weird symbol cut into his forehead.


Kenton Valklondar

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