Princes of the Apocalypse (TN 5e)

Tharkun's Memoirs...13
Mmm Black Lotus, Stigeon, the best...
Well I must admit I was a little let down about our battle with the fire Cult Leader. To be honest I was not even certain we had fought him yet until after the battle and even then I was not completely sure. I mean we did not even find anything in his room and of course these cultists are extremely poor as we never find anything after we lay them to rest. I do not know how our fearless leader is going to expand his newly uh I mean his inherited lands without any loot to sell. I blather so back to the battle uh more like skirmish, after clearing a room with hoodlums we raced upstairs to find a rather plain and ordinary priest surrounded by what I believe to be some kind of elemental beings and they were irritating at best as they tended to breath out something and cause a temporary blindness. I hit the cult leader with a nasty spell or two before someone wondered up to him and finished him. Typical. I soften them up and someone with bulging muscles walks up in a blind rage and swats him and they get all the glory. Eh what are you going to do. I had figured that all the remaining cultists would put aside petty grievances and band together to try and stop us but they are lame thank goodness and so we methodically are driving them out of our fearless leaders and his clans new land holdings. Thank the Gods and Goddesses that these particular cults are poor and unimaginative otherwise we might have been in a little bit of danger.
Hippies and Henchmen
Scarlet Moon Hall Encounter (outside)

The party arrived at the Scarlet Moon Hall to find some kind of hippy love in happening. After being directed to event coordinator’s tent, we encountered a cool fire sculpture, some dancing kooks, and some dogs that were off their leases.

The kooks were pacified, the dogs were kenneled, and Tharkun and Snowsitter put out the fire display in the most spectacular way possible…

Now…let’s see if we can find the event coordinator and get these hippies off my front lawn.

Tharkun's Memoirs...12
This one time at band camp...

We decided to leave the Lich be for the moment and searched the rest of the Monastery. We released several prisoners including one Dwarven dignitary by the name of Bruldenthar and a fighting man named Rufferto and surprisingly he decided to join us. We left to bring Bruldenthar and some merchants back to safety and decided that the four of us Sir Warmhands, Snowsitter, the new guy Rufferto, and myself would go to assail and reclaim the rightful property of Sir Warmhands and his clan. We traveled to the Scarlet Moon Hall and had a quite time of it until we neared the outskirts. It was there that we were given a very warm reception by three fiery Hellhounds. After a short but hard fight we dispatched them and decided to rest a bit. It would not be the first time on this trip that I missed the company of the holy Priest Rolfo. That night we entered a valley filled with the bonfires of many druids and their followers better known as the Fire cult. Deep at the heart looming above everything was an impressive mound with what appeared to be a primitive fortress in the process of repair.

We started through the encampments and were stopped at the first one. I announced that we were there to claim the land in the name of Sir Warmhands and clan and that all present were to vacate. We were told to go see the Druid in charge Elizar Dryflagon and so we continued. We kept marching through the entire place until we reached the fortress. I can only say that what they had there was a failure to communicate amongst each other as they should have been fighting us for every inch we went but hey that is their problem. Upon reaching the courtyard of said fortress we were finally halted halfway across this massive place near scaffolding being used to make repairs as well as acting as the entrance into the place. There were at least four crossbowmen on top of the scaffolding another near a pen of two more hellhounds, two priests and a very huge Burning man. Although knowing we fought the fire cult it could only really be a fire Elemental. I tried to explain to them that Sir Warmhands was the rightful owner but can you believe it they attacked me. Well anticipating that our imperious leader would want it no other way I placed a Storm Sphere around the two priests and nearly killed one with a giant lighting bolt. They did not like that at all because when it was their turn they hit me and Sir Warmhands with a fireball which he apparently shook off, and then the other hit me with my own magic as I avoided most of the Scorching rays that were fired at me however I could not sidestep two of them as they struck me with enough force to knock me unconscious. While I was out of action the rest of the party managed to kill both druids one of the hellhounds, and two of the five guards. Rufferto turned out to be pretty good with his swords as he was a killing machine.

Snowsitter finally reached me and fed me a potion from my pack. I stood up in time to find that the Fire Elemental was moving and I decided to use something I had been carrying for a while. I cast Waterwall around the huge Elemental. It was 20 ft high, 20 ft in diameter and 1ft thick. It stopped moving but it did not matter because with a joyous laugh Snowsitter turned the water into ice then a 10 ft deep puddle which instantly vaped the Fire Elemental. We finished off the other hound and guards and decided to rest. We all feel elated as not only did we overcome great odds but we vanquished evil at the same time. Now where the hell is Rolfo… Oh did I fail to mention that we also came one step closer to expanding the Vai-Mei Laga nation.

Tharkun's Memoirs...11

The big fight we were expecting never happened as we explored the rooms and fought what was probably left of the guards. Either everyone is hiding somewhere or they probably fled. We found all the rooms locked which was no problem for our Gnome Rider until we came to a door he could not open. I got to try for the first time my knock spell which worked perfectly but I wish it had not. The room we entered had the figure of a tall gaunt what we thought was an alchemist. He told us to leave him to his work and get out or we would die. Well the second to last act of our fearless gnome rider was to reply by shooting him with his crossbow and that is when the Lich turned around and man we should have heeded him but our fearless leader and Holy Dwarf Priest probably would not have left anyway as they are who they are and he is a Lich. He hit us with some noxious cloud which was very deadly. We hit hit him back with some very nasty damage and I believe we hurt him. I did not want to but I felt I might help the others by staying up so after my attack of a deadly missile barrage I fled the room. That’s all I remember as I awoke and found some of the others moving. We gathered our comrades and left to regroup. The near death experience was too much for our Gnome rider as he decided to go in a different direction than us. Strangely I will kind of miss him. Who knows what it will do to the Simple brother as I feel that a major source of distraction and entertainment is now missing from his simple life.

Securing the Monastery and Setbacks
The Sacred Stone Monastery Encounter Part 3

The Comprehensive Study of the Sword Coast’s Decline and Ascent of the Vai-Mei Laga Nation.
Volume Four.
Verse Thirty Seven,

“Adding a monastery, gilded their cosmopolitan kitsch;
Until they realized their laboratory’s tenant was a lich.”

~Lhaeo, scribe of Candlekeep

After an encounter that went sideways (the lich in the laboratory…for those of you keeping score), the party was forced to regroup and reinforce.

New members join us for Session 17…coming soon.

Tharkun's Memoirs...10

We opened the doors into the great hall and I instantly threw up my wind wall and we rushed in. The guards went thru my wall softening themselves up for the others. I focused on what appeared to be a priest and struck him for some heavy damage as he used a lever on a wall near him. It opened a trap door in the floor and released what I believe was an Umberhulk. It was very large. After taking some hits from the guards as I went past them the Priest ran and hid in the basement under the trapdoor and I ran and closed it. We finished off the guards and went into what was a dining hall then a kitchen. We finished off some cultists and decided instead of pressing the advantage to hole up and rest in what was a bathing room. We expect heavy resistance when we emerge. A side note the simple brother did it again as he egged on and the gnome rider to try and mount the Umberhulk. I find myself looking at our imperious leader when these things happen and it seems he is actually enjoying these moments. Sigh…

Mutilated Monstrosities and Scullery
The Sacred Stone Monastery Encounter Part 2

The Comprehensive Study of the Sword Coast’s Decline and Ascent of the Vai-Mei Laga Nation.
Volume Four.
Verse Thirty Three,

Doth winds did blow, the fiends did fall;
As valiant heroes hid in the dining hall.

~Lhaeo, scribe of Candlekeep

Tharkun's Memoirs...9

Well I maintain that it is our imperious Leaders way of keeping me out in front because after travelling for a time, as I predicted, I will not be riding in back of the brothers or their Elephants. We will not be travelling in secret anymore. My blind, legless uncle could track us and hes been dead 20 years. We arrived at the next fortress although priory is a more apt name, and our little acrobat and rider of anything that moves, was boosted to the roof by the simple brother. I have noted that he really seems to enjoy antagonizing our gnome into reckless situations. Since our locksmith was busy elsewhere I got the opportunity to try a new spell and used it to unlock the front door. Thanks to our locksmith who was alerting everyone inside to our presence we were greeted by the local welcoming committee just inside the foyer .

We made short work of them and cleared the hallway with doors to our right. Some of the party wisely was watching our flank as more committee attacked our rear. We entered a main hall with more double doors and were greeted by Gargoyles. Now we are about to enter what seems a large hall. I will say this about our imperious Leader he always shows you a good time…

Minions and Minotaurs
The Sacred Stone Monastery Encounter Part 1

Replete with the proper deeds to our land, we set out to evict the squatters in the monastery of the valley.

We arrived to find the gates closed and no one available for interview. Zook decided to investigate the roof to see if he could find an open hatch to penetrate. Tharkun used his bedeviling magicks to undo the locks on the main gate and the group entered. We were almost immediately beset be monk squatters. They rushed us and in no time Thought Chaser and Lord Stoneweaver had made paste of them. The monks were reinforced, but what I can only guess were their pets, a group of minotaurs. My brother and I locked them down in fierce combat in the hallway, as the rest of the party shifted nimbly through a parallel room to flank them and attack.

The labyrinthine beasts were subdued and we preceded into an antechamber of some kind. In here, living statues of gruesome creatures took to life and attacked us. Their forms now, but shattered rocks, we stand before a pair large bronzed doors.

Tharkun's Memoirs...8

Waterdeep a city full of intrigue and a cacophony of smells. It was good to be back. We all went shopping and our Imperious leader bought us mounts. I received a beautiful riding horse. The brothers all got Elephants. I do not look forward to riding behind them not at all. The prices for things were at an all time high and it seemed that Waterdeep merchants were not in the mood for dickering.

I spent some time scouring the library for anything on the cult to no avail. I also gave our Gnome $200 in gold to spread around to try and find out if there was any news of the brothers mishap and he said that after much investigating he could find nothing. I was shocked as he actually gave me back some of my gold. I might have been better off getting stone cold drunk off my arse than giving him so much gold but I feel that at least I tried to help.

Well we are done here and it is back to our quickly growing and expanding kingdom. I should mention that we may have to check for nests all around our land a it seems to be infested with some kind of large burrowing creatures and got attacked by Pertyons.


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