Princes of the Apocalypse (TN 5e)

Tharkun's Memoirs...13

Mmm Black Lotus, Stigeon, the best...

Well I must admit I was a little let down about our battle with the fire Cult Leader. To be honest I was not even certain we had fought him yet until after the battle and even then I was not completely sure. I mean we did not even find anything in his room and of course these cultists are extremely poor as we never find anything after we lay them to rest. I do not know how our fearless leader is going to expand his newly uh I mean his inherited lands without any loot to sell. I blather so back to the battle uh more like skirmish, after clearing a room with hoodlums we raced upstairs to find a rather plain and ordinary priest surrounded by what I believe to be some kind of elemental beings and they were irritating at best as they tended to breath out something and cause a temporary blindness. I hit the cult leader with a nasty spell or two before someone wondered up to him and finished him. Typical. I soften them up and someone with bulging muscles walks up in a blind rage and swats him and they get all the glory. Eh what are you going to do. I had figured that all the remaining cultists would put aside petty grievances and band together to try and stop us but they are lame thank goodness and so we methodically are driving them out of our fearless leaders and his clans new land holdings. Thank the Gods and Goddesses that these particular cults are poor and unimaginative otherwise we might have been in a little bit of danger.


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