Clan Vai-mei-Laga

Goliath Family Clan

At the highest mountain peaks—far above the slopes where trees grow and where the air is thin and the frigid winds howl—dwell the reclusive goliaths.

Within the Goliath clan, the Vei-mei Laga family is one of the infrequent families that are seen as nobility. The Vei-mei Laga family legacy as proven leaders of the family over the last centuries, as if wisdom grown with age is passed down the lineage.

The clan’s founder, Ilkaniu “Blood-Fury” Vei-mei Laga lead the clan in the slaying of a red dragon named Gwoxir, who had enslaved the clan to do his bidding. On that day, Ilkaniu delivered the death blow to Gwoxir. With the slaying of Gwoxir came much wealth and hidden treasures, but also came new enemies that wanted Gwoxir’s treasure and power.

Founder: Ilkaniu “Blood-Fury” Vei-mei Laga

… additional lineage …

Father/Chieftain: Iliken “Fearless” Vei-mei Laga
Mother: Thaloi “Keeneye” Vei-mei Laga

Thier children:

Eldest: Ser Ilikani “Warm Hands” Vei-mei Laga

2nd:Ilikahn “Snowsitter” Vai-mei-Laga

3rd: Ilikanoi “Thought Chaser” Vai-mei-Laga

4th: Gauthak “Skull Smasher” Vai-mei-Laga (lost/missing)

The Vei-mei Laga clan came under attack while “Warm Hands” & “Snowsitter” were away. The attack on the clan was a savage one, killing almost everyone there, including their parents. The raiders took all the family’s treasures. “Thought Chaser” was acting captain of the guard during the raid. He was injured and left for dead during the raid. “Thought Chaser” too would have died had “Warm Hands” not returned to find him. “Thought Chaser” suffered a vicious wound and now he has trouble recalling the memories of the clan’s decimation.

The three brothers travel the lands attempting to find some clue to whom or what did this savage attack against their clan.

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Clan Vai-mei-Laga

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